Bircham Windmill Bakery Event

Just a quick update.  We’ve been doing a few cheaper nights lately to save for a big event or two during the year.  This one came along by chance.  We looked into doing this at a nearer location in King’s Lynn but the cost was prohibitive to say the least.  We then heard from the Ladies Circle in Lynn that they had been to Bircham for the evening and shown how to make different types of bread from a basic dough recipe, and only £10 per person (minimum of £120).

With 12 people in tow we arrived at the Bircham Windmill Bakery Event in Great Bircham where Stevie welcomes us.  Stevie is the Master Baker their and runs the mill with his wife.  We started out with a couple of cups of tea as Stevie ran through the history of the mill and how it came into his family.  This was followed by a huge tray of dough being brought out to us and divided in 12.  From there we were shown how to knead and shape the dough into rolls, iced bun rolls, mice, octopuses and of course bread loaves.

After attempting to copy and make our own versions Stevie collected them all on a tray stuck them in the warming cupboard and then into the oven proper.  As they were cooking we were allowed full access to the windmill so we explored and talked for the half-hour whilst the bread proved and then baked.  The smell throughout the mill was amazing to say the least.

At last the bread was ready and we bagged our attempts, brought some more Bircham bread and said our farewells.  Never have I been to a night when the lads did not want a pint afterwards.  There were too many dreaming of toast and butter when they got home for that though.  All in all another different but superb night.


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