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A new era has been celebrated by an organisation in Lynn at their annual general meeting, during which the club’s youngest-ever chairman was welcomed to the role. Ryan Brown, 22, took over as chairman of King’s Lynn and District Round Table No. 54 from Ian Claxton at the meeting earlier in the week. Mr Brown said: “It’s an exciting time to be part of Round Table as it is an organisation that is growing nationally and giving more men in Lynn the chance to embrace life to the full while supporting the local community. I am looking forward to bringing something new to the Table, which will give existing and new members the chance to simply have fun and build long-lasting friendships.” Nationally Round Table is celebrating 90 years and this year Lynn member Amrinder Chana will be taking over as the area chairman. The organisation is open to men aged from 18 to 45 and provides opportunities to make new friends, try out new activities and support the local community.


Pictured are: outgoing chairman Ian Claxton, left, with new chairman Ryan Brown.

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Another fun night was had by all, including two new prospective members.  We popped down to Electrix Trax Ltd. in Spalding about an hours drive from King’s Lynn.  This was a Tuesday night event as the Race Track is not open on a Monday.  Dave Johnson came with us from 41 Club as he had to return one of Holbeach Round Tables Jewels that fell in his pocket at an earlier event.  Lucky Dave looked after it for them.

We had a turnout of 13 for the night, a lot of laughs and swearing as the cars either stuck to the track like glue or flew off at every opportunity.  We then stopped at McD’s on the way home to celebrate the win of Chris Rix, followed by Tom Rawlings and Paul Moore.


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This post has been a little while coming.  It was difficult to decide how to best present it, but a gallery seemed the best.

On the night of the 28th April 2014 was the RT54 AGM.  It was a dark and rainy night, but a beacon of comfort shone out through the gloom.  There, in the distance following the Ouse river was our destination, The Bank House Hotel where warmth, sustenance, drink and most of all great company waited those who were attending this hallowed of all meetings (for this year at least).

The Chairman from Vancouver RT 1114,  Ash, was in attendance along with Rob.  No doubt there to attempt to steal some regalia and reclaim some of their own.  Larry Russen, a long term honorary member of 1114 was also here planning on disrupting the AGM at every turn.

Paul Moore started the meeting by running through last years AGM minutes, introducing the guests and then inducting two new members.  There should have been a third, but unfortunately he was away at a conference that he could not miss (We will get him later!).  Read more

What a cracking night.  About 30 Tablers from Norfolk attended the event organised by Hunstanton Round Table.  Start time was 18:45 at the Searles Golf Club Driving range where we had a short safety talk, and then a demo of how to use the bows.

The three target boards were set out and the tables broken into their respective table teams.  The games had begun.

Everyone got 8 practice arrows first to get warmed up.  Our table had a great turnout.  5 out of 8 members were there and raring to go. Read more

The RT54 members met at The Bank House Hotel on the South Quay in King’s Lynn looking forward to a bit of banter, some decent food and a talk from Gill Saunderson of the King’s Lynn Guide Dogs.  We got all three.

The meal was as usual superb and everyone enjoyed it.  All washed down with a beer or cider (or two!).

This was followed by Gill doing a talk about the Guide Dogs, how they are supported and all the advances made since 1931 when they were first introduced.  Gill had some great stories about her life after she lost her sight when she was 18 in a car accident, how she overcame her loss of sight and how she helps fund raise for the Guide Dogs.  We also got to see some of the equipment she uses in her day to day life from mini talking GPS systems to help her travel around Lynn, her talking mobile phone, talking weighing scales and how she can label cans of food which then talk to her when needed.

Gill also chatted about how the guide dogs help in her day to day life, and the stories of her different dogs she has had through her life.

Gill Saunderson - Kings Lynn Guide Dogs - 070414

Afterwards we took the decision to donate £200 for the Guide Dogs association.  If you want more info then have a look here.

Wow, what a week coming up.

But, yesterday evening we had the first meeting with the organiser of the Norton Hill Light Railway.  RT54 are moving ahead swiftly with this weekend.  Follow us on Facebook here.

Now, the upcoming week.  Monday 7th April is a talk by Gill Saunderson from the King’s Lynn Guide Dogs.  This is going to be interesting and informative look at what these amazing people and dogs do.  We also have a visit from Area 6 representative Spencer Burrell who is going to update us with what is happening within the Norfolk Table family.

This will be followed by a meal at The Bank House on the Quay, which we are all looking forward to as the last one was fantastic.  More info on the Events Page.

Have a great weekend.