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Well, Curry Night anyway.

Lots of people were up for this one, but due to lots of family commitments we had a lot of people drop out.  We decided to scrap the Bingo and go straight for the Curry at the Indian Gate opposite Gala Bingo.

Amrinder chose the menu and I’m glad he did as I have no clue when it comes to Indian Restaurant food.  Food was tasty and not too spicy which was nice the following morning.  A few pints and lots of chat, laughs and organising the future events, recruitment and how to raise money for charity.

The Chair joined us a bit later for more drinks.  I’m still not sure how they confused my order of tea and brought me a coffee though!

Well, the night proved one thing,  the Tablers are not all that good at general knowledge quizzes.  In fact, we were pathetic.  So pathetic that we won the worst team prize (two Wispa bars).

Apart from that we all had a cracking night.  It was a great atmosphere at the pub, and a decent turnout of members for the last Table meet of the year.  Nice and relaxed and the beer, cider and JD was flowing.  One of our new colleagues turned up and it gave us all a proper chance to meet and chat with him properly.  Lots was discussed as well, and next years social nights out are going to be tremendous.

Next is the Round Table 54, Ladies Circle, Table 41 and Tangent Christmas Party at Stewart House.  My head is hurting from the oncoming hangover that night is going to bring already!

Wow, what a night.  I don’t think anyone expected such a warm welcome by Lee, a self-proclaimed champion of non-snobby wines.

Lee introduced himself to the large group of RT54 and Table41 Members and started straight into the Ciders.  A great start from the Aspel Premiere Cru, which got everyone off on the right foot.  We sampled two more ciders and six bottles of wine (reds, whites and rosé) and also a couple of excellent spirits (Lord Nelson’s Rum was a favourite amongst most of us and many bottles were purchased).

We also had Kevin Waddison from Area 6 along on the night, who thoroughly enjoyed himself, along with the rest of us.


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Adnams Cellar & Kitchen – Holkham

King’s Lynn and District Round Table 54 Get set for another great night out.

Transport is being organised for this event so most of us can partake in a few cider and wine tests (I know it’s tastes, but I also know what these guys are like!)

Nibbles on the transport home and even, maybe, hopefully a visit from Area Chairman Kevin Waddison and Area Vice Chairman Gary Waddison. We’ve got a great turn out for this and even some more new people who are interested.

If you are interested in attending some of the King’s Lynn and District Round Table 54 events and joining us, drop us a line on the contacts page and we will get back to you.

A warm Games Workshop down Norfolk Street in King’s Lynn welcomed us in from the cold and rainy night.

Matt and his team has set up three gaming tables for us to try, but everyone only had eyes for the futuristic strategy combat games of Warhammer 40,000 Dark Vengeance.  The amazing turnout of the night (12 in all) gathered around the table, we picked teams and the battle began.

Matt was brilliant, setting the scene and describing in visceral details  the damage and carnage that the two sides caused and left behind.  An hour of dice rolling, cheering and jeering later and it was all over.  The table was near empty of the highly detailed and expertly painted figures as they had been shot, melted, chopped and blown in to bits.  The final battle was against a Chaos Lord and the Captain of the Space Marines…….

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 Games Workshop King’s Lynn

The Captain finally put the enemy Chaos Lord down, but came away severely wounded.

It was then off to the pub, to which we invited the Games Workshop crew for a drink, a laugh and a chat.

A great finish to an interesting and highly charged competetive night.