King’s Lynn Guide Dogs Talk

The RT54 members met at The Bank House Hotel on the South Quay in King’s Lynn looking forward to a bit of banter, some decent food and a talk from Gill Saunderson of the King’s Lynn Guide Dogs.  We got all three.

The meal was as usual superb and everyone enjoyed it.  All washed down with a beer or cider (or two!).

This was followed by Gill doing a talk about the Guide Dogs, how they are supported and all the advances made since 1931 when they were first introduced.  Gill had some great stories about her life after she lost her sight when she was 18 in a car accident, how she overcame her loss of sight and how she helps fund raise for the Guide Dogs.  We also got to see some of the equipment she uses in her day to day life from mini talking GPS systems to help her travel around Lynn, her talking mobile phone, talking weighing scales and how she can label cans of food which then talk to her when needed.

Gill also chatted about how the guide dogs help in her day to day life, and the stories of her different dogs she has had through her life.

Gill Saunderson - Kings Lynn Guide Dogs - 070414

Afterwards we took the decision to donate £200 for the Guide Dogs association.  If you want more info then have a look here.