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A few days ago Round Table 54 decided to award The Bank House Hotel the famous and sought after Round Table ‘Highly Recommended Establishment” Certificate.

The lovely folks at The Bank House Hotel have been looking after us since the new year and provided a fantastic venue (“The Boardroom”) for our meetings, along with amazing food and coffee on the night.  The bar afterwards is a great refuge for our aching jaws after all the banter and laughing (straws are available!).


The Bank House Hotel - Highly Recommended Certificate

The Bank House Hotel – Highly Recommended Certificate

Round Table 54 look forward to many more nights in front of their open fire enjoying their food and drinks.

Many Thanks to all the staff that make the night memorable.

News Just In!

Dr. F. Ox has had a wash, brush and tidy up.  He is now ready for the RT54 AGM this Monday at The Bank House Hotel in King’s Lynn.  He also sent me a new photograph with some anti-1114 bling.  Can’t wait to meet him again.


Dr. F. Ox - Washed, Brushed and Ready to PARTY!

Dr. F. Ox – Washed, Brushed and Ready to PARTY!

What a cracking night.  About 30 Tablers from Norfolk attended the event organised by Hunstanton Round Table.  Start time was 18:45 at the Searles Golf Club Driving range where we had a short safety talk, and then a demo of how to use the bows.

The three target boards were set out and the tables broken into their respective table teams.  The games had begun.

Everyone got 8 practice arrows first to get warmed up.  Our table had a great turnout.  5 out of 8 members were there and raring to go. Read more

The RT54 members met at The Bank House Hotel on the South Quay in King’s Lynn looking forward to a bit of banter, some decent food and a talk from Gill Saunderson of the King’s Lynn Guide Dogs.  We got all three.

The meal was as usual superb and everyone enjoyed it.  All washed down with a beer or cider (or two!).

This was followed by Gill doing a talk about the Guide Dogs, how they are supported and all the advances made since 1931 when they were first introduced.  Gill had some great stories about her life after she lost her sight when she was 18 in a car accident, how she overcame her loss of sight and how she helps fund raise for the Guide Dogs.  We also got to see some of the equipment she uses in her day to day life from mini talking GPS systems to help her travel around Lynn, her talking mobile phone, talking weighing scales and how she can label cans of food which then talk to her when needed.

Gill also chatted about how the guide dogs help in her day to day life, and the stories of her different dogs she has had through her life.

Gill Saunderson - Kings Lynn Guide Dogs - 070414

Afterwards we took the decision to donate £200 for the Guide Dogs association.  If you want more info then have a look here.

This has just come in from Belgium via E-Mail.


Dear friends,

The euromeeting is approaching and yet you have no news from Belgium. So here it is !

I’m pleased to confirm you that RT 54 Thuin will organize the euromeeting next September from the 18th to the 21st.

RT 54 Thuin only counts 7 members and former members like me have been asked to give a little bit of help. I’m in charge of the website but as I’m not a geek, it’s not ready yet. I promise to settle it out.

Meanwhile the program is almost settled. It’s quite similar to the 2006 program but I know those who were here enjoyed it.

–          Thursday 18th : welcome & party

–          Friday 19th : visit of the city of Thuin with a detour to the worshop of a chocolate-maker

lunch at the tram museum

diner & party at the abbey of Aulne

–          Saturday 20th : visit of the « Bois du Cazier »

It was a coalmine now converted into the industry museum. A catastrophy occured on the 8th of August 1956. A fire caused the death of 262 miners mostly issued from immigration. The site is now on the Unesco World Heritage list.


free afternoon

diner & party at the Biercée distillery

–          Sunday 21st : brunch & farewell


The cost is 300 €/pers.

Those who which to already register may send me a mail.

Can you please forward this mail the to Tablers and former members of your own clubs who are not registered in the above addressees list and may I ask one of you, per country, to send me an updated list of RT members and former members with e-mail addresses ?

For those of you who which to come by train, make sure you arrive at « Charleroi Sud » station.

Our friends from Ski, Kristinehamn and Pescara should check Ryanair for flights to Charleroi (for Ryanair Charleroi airport is called « Brussels »).

Or you can fly to Brussels airport.

We hope to see many of you in Thuin next September.


See you soon.


Wow, what a week coming up.

But, yesterday evening we had the first meeting with the organiser of the Norton Hill Light Railway.  RT54 are moving ahead swiftly with this weekend.  Follow us on Facebook here.

Now, the upcoming week.  Monday 7th April is a talk by Gill Saunderson from the King’s Lynn Guide Dogs.  This is going to be interesting and informative look at what these amazing people and dogs do.  We also have a visit from Area 6 representative Spencer Burrell who is going to update us with what is happening within the Norfolk Table family.

This will be followed by a meal at The Bank House on the Quay, which we are all looking forward to as the last one was fantastic.  More info on the Events Page.

Have a great weekend.

Just a quick update.

3 NEW King’s Lynn & District Round Table 54 MEMBERS!!!!


That’s right.  Our annual emergency snooker night when things fall through event gained us 3 new members.  Please welcome Ian, Matt and Chris.  They will be formally inducted during our upcoming AGM.

Snooker Night

Snooker was a great laugh.. Sshhhhhhhhhh.  Lots of jokes and bad gaming using the sticks and balls on the table.

What a fantastic turnout to a fantastic night.

Norman Fahy, a local and popular Paranormal Investigator, agreed to do a talk to the our group along with guests from King’s Lynn 41 Table.

We all met up at the Black Horse in Castle Rising where we had the far side of the bar to ourselves and Norman.  A bit of fiddling and we got the laptop connected to the large screen TV in there and we were off.  Norman was a great speaker with stories of his past before he became involved in the paranormal, and then onto the spooky stuff.  A great collection of photos, video clips and also the Ghost Hunters International TV show in which he starred whilst the GHI team investigated Castle Rising Castle.  Norman was not there to convince us of the paranormal, but to share his experiences.  Everyone there lapped up the evening and many discussions where held afterwards over the great bar food and a few drinks.

We are now looking at booking Norman for a Ghost Hunt event as Castle Rising Castle.

Norman took some questions and hung around for a bit, but sadly has to leave early as he had a very early start the following morning.

If you want to see more of Norman then please check out his website and Facebook Page.

Well, Curry Night anyway.

Lots of people were up for this one, but due to lots of family commitments we had a lot of people drop out.  We decided to scrap the Bingo and go straight for the Curry at the Indian Gate opposite Gala Bingo.

Amrinder chose the menu and I’m glad he did as I have no clue when it comes to Indian Restaurant food.  Food was tasty and not too spicy which was nice the following morning.  A few pints and lots of chat, laughs and organising the future events, recruitment and how to raise money for charity.

The Chair joined us a bit later for more drinks.  I’m still not sure how they confused my order of tea and brought me a coffee though!