Round Table 54 AGM 2014 – The Bank House Hotel

This post has been a little while coming.  It was difficult to decide how to best present it, but a gallery seemed the best.

On the night of the 28th April 2014 was the RT54 AGM.  It was a dark and rainy night, but a beacon of comfort shone out through the gloom.  There, in the distance following the Ouse river was our destination, The Bank House Hotel where warmth, sustenance, drink and most of all great company waited those who were attending this hallowed of all meetings (for this year at least).

The Chairman from Vancouver RT 1114,  Ash, was in attendance along with Rob.  No doubt there to attempt to steal some regalia and reclaim some of their own.  Larry Russen, a long term honorary member of 1114 was also here planning on disrupting the AGM at every turn.

Paul Moore started the meeting by running through last years AGM minutes, introducing the guests and then inducting two new members.  There should have been a third, but unfortunately he was away at a conference that he could not miss (We will get him later!). 

Can you please all welcome Ian Claxton and Chris Rix as confirmed members to RT54.

Food was served.  A superbly cooked rump steak, followed by coffee and some more refreshment from the bar.  After calling order to the table the handing over of the Chairmans Jewels was carried out.  Paul gracefully (and by the look on his face gladly) handed over the Jewels to Amrinder Chana.  The Vice Chairman was then inducted, Simon Anderson.  Officer roles were then given to members.

Round Table 54 also selected our new President, Roy Brain, and Vice President, Dave Johnson.  Superb selection.

Chairman – Amrinder Chana
Vice Chairman – Simon Anderson
Secretary – Matt Akrill
Treasurer – Simon Anderson
Programme – Chris Rix
Press & Media – Ian Claxton
Ways & Means + Dinner & Social – Dave Purdy
Community Service – Paul Moore
Area – Amrinder Chana
Social Network – Simon Anderson & Amrinder Chana
Sports – Paul Moore
International – Amrinder Chana
Membership Officer – Dave Purdy
President – Roy Brain
Vice President – Dave Johnson
Immediate Past Chairman – Paul Moore

Rt54 then exchanged the borrowed items between RT54 and RT1114.  The Chairmans tankard was returned to RT54 and the shield returned to Rob from RT1114.

Trevor Branham then, literally, pulled out a sword that was adopted from of our French counterpart tables to much surprise.

Simon Anderson was awarded the Stirrer of the Year Shield along with the Chairmans Award for services to RT54.

Shaun Mitchel handed on the Friendship Plate to Chris Rix after having been in possession of it for other 2 years.

The Area 6 Chairman then presented Larry Russen the Area 6 President Jewel.

Finally, we presented The Bank House with the ‘Highly Recommended Establishment’ for their support they have provided us so far this year.

Here’s to another exciting year with Round Table 54, who are looking forward to working more closely than ever with Round Table 1114 and the surrounding community.

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