Round Table 54 Donate £2600 each to KIWI and Lavender Hill Mob Theatre Company

Round Table 54 are at it again.

After a successful weekend of raising money at the Norton Hill Light Railway event back in August RT54 are delighted to be able to donate some of the money to two brilliant causes.dia

£2600 was donated to KIWI, a local diabetes charity, and another £2600 was donated to the Lavender Hill Mob Theatre Company.

Kiwi and Lavender Mob Cheque Handover - Norton Hill - Oct 06 2013 - Smaller

October 6th 2013

Lynn News Article

Pictured left on the front row is Kerry Robinson from KIWI, Amrinder Chana, RT54 Vice-Chairman and Paul Moore, RT54 Chairman.  On the back row is Simon Anderson, RT54 Member and David Purdy, RT54 Treasurer.

Pictured front right are Les Miles and Tim Rock from Lavender Hill Mob, Kirsty Roberts, Lynn Ladies Circle Chairwoman and Helen Bettison, Ladies Circle Member.

At the back is Mike Schuman who owns and runs the fantastic light railway with one of the spectacular locomotives used during the Norton Hill Weekend.

For more information about the Lavender Hill Mob Theatre Company then please click here.

If you are interested in seeing more what the Ladies Circle King’s Lynn does then please look here.

RT54 and Mr Schuman - Oct 06 2013 - Smaller