Talk on the Paranormal

What a fantastic turnout to a fantastic night.

Norman Fahy, a local and popular Paranormal Investigator, agreed to do a talk to the our group along with guests from King’s Lynn 41 Table.

We all met up at the Black Horse in Castle Rising where we had the far side of the bar to ourselves and Norman.  A bit of fiddling and we got the laptop connected to the large screen TV in there and we were off.  Norman was a great speaker with stories of his past before he became involved in the paranormal, and then onto the spooky stuff.  A great collection of photos, video clips and also the Ghost Hunters International TV show in which he starred whilst the GHI team investigated Castle Rising Castle.  Norman was not there to convince us of the paranormal, but to share his experiences.  Everyone there lapped up the evening and many discussions where held afterwards over the great bar food and a few drinks.

We are now looking at booking Norman for a Ghost Hunt event as Castle Rising Castle.

Norman took some questions and hung around for a bit, but sadly has to leave early as he had a very early start the following morning.

If you want to see more of Norman then please check out his website and Facebook Page.